National Championships Road Race

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Sometimes you put it all on the line and it works and sometimes it doesn’t…

Yesterday was the National Championships Road Race in my hometown of Edmonton.

I didn’t really have aspirations of winning the race and I knew that the 182km was going to wear on me, so I was definitely conserving as much as I could for the first 100km or so. The first few laps were hard as the break was establishing itself and then it settled down nicely. Now it was just sit and wait for the big attacks. Those accelerations started coming at about 110km, but there were still lots of big guys in the pack.

There wasn’t really a chase and the gap to the break wasn’t really coming down, so I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. The last few laps got pretty hard and I missed a split with a big group of strong guys getting off the front.

The group I was in all but sat up and we rolled through with 3 laps to go. I didn’t really want to sprint for 40th, so I jumped on the first climb of that lap. There were a few solo riders in no-man’s land and we came together for a bit. On the last lap I was rolling strong and about to catch back up to that second big group on the road when the group behind caught me and I just couldn’t get back on. I had nothing left and just made it to the line.

In hindsight, those 2 big groups came back together and I could have conserved and maybe sprinted for 33rd, but even then… I put in the dig (Scott and Bunnin were able to ride in solo for 31st and 32nd) and I tried.

Big congrats to Will, who rode a great race to take the jersey. I read a great quote from him on

“The race started pretty aggressive right off the bat. Guys were trying a lot of attacks,” said Routley after the race. “It means a lot to win the Red and White jersey. I have been working at this since my mountain bike days as a junior. I have been on the podium in mountain bike and road, but I’ve been chasing this for ten years. It’s hard to believe.”

And some good post-race interviews over at

Thanks to everyone who was involved with the organization, the volunteers, and everyone who came out to watch and cheer! We wouldn’t be here without you!



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